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Print Art Company

Open Prints


Picture Salon

Sony Cameras

Canon Cameras

Ikelite Housings and Strobes

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The Road to Infrared Part IV https://www.michaelwicksart.com/blog/2013/1/the-road-to-infrared-part-iv On January 1st we ventured to the much frigid area of the top of Mount Baldy.  I'm really enjoying discovering what this new camera can and sometimes can't do.  I switch to B&W for most of this shoot and am extremely pleased with the results.  To the point that I may offer one or two up for sale on the other side of this website.  Check them out and feel free to leave feedback.  Next post will be the final or possibly final trek in this series as I'll be shooting Yosemite this week.  Enjoy.



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The Road to Infrared Photography (Part III) https://www.michaelwicksart.com/blog/2012/11/the-road-to-infrared-photography-part-iii Got the camera, now what?  Do I take a drive to Santa Monica or Leo Carillo?  Or do I just go to Griffith Park?  Or do I just walk outside.  Well since this is the first time and I"m experimenting  I opted for street shots outside my house.  I have to say shooting with a new technology does lighten the soul.  I can definitely see that I'll need to experiment more and get used to setting the custom White Balance to achieve the results I want but so far I'm diggin the set up.  Check out my test images below.  Also keep in mind the only post processing done on these images is adjusting the White Balance.




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The Road to Infrared (Part II) https://www.michaelwicksart.com/blog/2012/11/the-road-to-infrared-part-ii I almost had a mishap with the camera as a crucial setting was missed on the original order.  Luckily I was able to catch the manufacturer just as the camera was sitting on Mr UPS's truck.  It delayed the shipping by a day but better that then having to ship it back.  

I just got my notification that the new camera is now waiting at my house.   Hours to go before I get home...

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The Road To Infrared Part 1 https://www.michaelwicksart.com/blog/2012/11/the-road-to-infrared-part-1 For years I've wanted to expand into Infrared photography.  Many seem think that infrared means night photograhy or low light  but thats not quite right.  Infrared just means a different wavelength of light or non visible light.   The effects of this light can create very dramatic scenery images.  Images of people in infrared tend to look ghostly and lanscapes take on a new look.  

Years ago I inherited a bunch of film cameras and thanks to a good diver friend a few garbage bags of film, including some roll of infrared.  But when doing research I found that the additional filter needed and the cost of procesing just to experiment was prohibitive.

Fast forward a few years to  today.    One can still get to infrared via dSLR but there are the following issues:

  1. New dSLR's have an infrared filter built in called the Hot Mirror  which blocks IR light
  2. Filters that only allow IR light are still expensive

And probably worst of all using an Ir filter you can't focus or compose as the filter blocks visible light. You need to do all that and then screw the filter back on.  And then you have to use long eposures and a tripod for every shot.

Enter conversion companies.   These companies provide the servie of removing the old sensor and installing a custom IR sensor.  But since this makes your camera a permament IR camera its a big commitment.

I then hit on the idea of getting a slightly used spare camera.  And that's what I did. I got an almost new Canon 40D an have sent it to one of the conversion companies.  

And now I wait.....

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New Website has Launched https://www.michaelwicksart.com/blog/2012/11/new-website-has-launched I'm pleased to announce that my new website has launched.  Other than a simpler cleaner interface I'll be able to cross post images from here to Pinterest and Facebook.  But that's the minor things.  One of the really cool options you all have now is the ability to purchase one of my 8x10 or 11x14 open edition pieces and it will be fullfilled by a lab and sent directly to you.  You can crop or even change to black and white if you'd like.  Very Cool.

You can still order limited edition pieces from this site.  But I will be doing the printing, numbering and signing and then the shipping.

One other thing this new site allows me to do is add full on captions to images.  So stay tuned as I add stories to the images.

Please enjoy the new site and leave feedback as you go.  



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